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Where do you see the brand evolving?

 Life in all realms is about evolving and getting better. Darwin said it best.  A lifestyle brand is no different. As a brand, we have made mistakes, and learned from those mistakes. We have also done a lot things right and want to build off that.  For us, going forward, we want to really start to focus the brand for the second half of 2016. Gentlemen of the North is a Canadian Inspired clothing for a True North Winter, and we want to become a one stop shop for all men's winter needs.  Like anything, things take time. But we think focusing the brand and defining who we are, will only help to bring home our message.  We will always...

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Who is Gentlemen of the North?

Gentlemen of the North is a lifestyle brand hoping to bring back that 1950's Gentleman. The one who is known for getting out of the car just to open the car door for his lady. Or the one who would give away his only pair of gloves because he'd rather you be warm than himself.  Canadians are known for being polite. Gentlemen of the North is taking this one step further. There are some things about the brand we don't know of yet and that will develop over time. What we do know is about the morals behind this brand. This is a lifestyle. It is not for everyone.  It is Canadian inspired apparel for a True North Winter. It is...

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