Where do you see the brand evolving?

 Life in all realms is about evolving and getting better. Darwin said it best. 

A lifestyle brand is no different. As a brand, we have made mistakes, and learned from those mistakes. We have also done a lot things right and want to build off that. 

For us, going forward, we want to really start to focus the brand for the second half of 2016. Gentlemen of the North is a Canadian Inspired clothing for a True North Winter, and we want to become a one stop shop for all men's winter needs. 

Like anything, things take time. But we think focusing the brand and defining who we are, will only help to bring home our message. 

We will always continue to give back to our community. It is the way we were brought up as Canadians. This doesn't have to be solely through our association with Lay-Up Youth either. Last week, it was -11 in Toronto, and we were out getting gas. We saw an elderly woman begging for money with no real warmth. Jake grabbed a toque and Toonie from his car and bought the woman a Tim Horton's coffee to go along with her GOTN Toque. 

That to me defines Gentlemen of the North. 



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