No.3 A Gentleman is never afraid to be first to a party
No.89 A Gentleman always shovels the snow before a game of shinny
No.58 A Gentleman believes that every question deserves an answer
No.15 A Gentleman always takes advantage of the finer things in life
No.78 A Gentleman knows true beauty when he sees it
No.33 A Gentleman never rests on his laurels
No.11 A Gentleman believes silence speaks loudly
No.28 A Gentleman attracts the attention of many, but has eyes only for his own lady
No.40 A boy speaks with words; a Gentleman speaks with actions
No.1 Acting like a Gentleman never goes out of fashion
No.119 A Gentleman will apologize after a fight, even when he is not wrong
No.45 A Gentleman knows when to call her sexy and when to call her beautiful
No.33 A Gentleman understands the value of simplicity
No.63 Trust is a Gentleman's best friend
No.210 A Gentleman is defined by both style and comfort
No.46 A Gentleman is not afraid to be tied down
No.100 A Gentleman knows how to win like one
No.108 A Gentleman is never afraid to say he's sorry
No.54 A Gentleman never takes out his phone at the table or in a meeting
No.176 A Gentleman knows how to show appreciation
No.6 A Gentleman understands 'please' and 'thank you' go together like wine and cheese
No.18 A Gentleman never needs to borrow, and is always willing to lend
No.53 A Gentleman waits for all food to arrive before eating
No.94 A Gentleman is never afraid to start a new journey
No.92 A Gentleman understands the difference between dressing for business and dressing for fun
No.198 A Gentleman knows the difference between saying no for good reason and being selfish. A Gentleman avoids the latter
No.12 A Gentleman does not gossip. Period
No.99 Think, act, speak, love, like a Gentleman