Fashion Spotlight: Gentlemen of the North 

The Gentlemen

Michael Vickar, Founder

I have always wanted to do something different. Something that I was passionate about. For years I never knew what that would be. It was never about the money- just something that I am truly passionate about. Gentlemen of the North is just that. It is what I care truly for. And helping revive the idea of being a gentleman in Canada is something I want to see through. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"- Wayne Gretzky,

- Michael Scott

- Michael Vickar

Jake Panavas, Founder

Ever since I have been a kid I have always been a serial entrepreneur. With an eye for business and a sense for fashion, Gentlemen of the North was a logical next step for me to further discover both of these passions. Customer service is what I think separates a good business from a great business. Through this brand, I hope to deliver a meaningful experience to our customers and create a platform to affect positive change within our community.